Apartment in Baba Višnjina, Belgrade

This 75 m2 apartment is located in an old building (1938) in one of the prestigious neighborhoods in Belgrade, Vračar. The client, in a separation process, needed a flexible solution for living with two kids, but with an option to make it as an apartment for renting if, eventually, the separation process fades out.

The old apartment consisted of one big entrance space, one bedroom, one living room, a big kitchen and dining, one bathroom, one toilet, one small storage room and two entrance doors.

After evaluating the general conditions, natural light and ventilation, and having in mind that the day by day of modern life has changed the need for the general structure of spaces for living in respect to 1938, we advised a client that the apartment has a potential to be functionally better reorganized to fulfill the initial needs.

The apartment was reconstructed completely by our project, except the movable furniture election and decoration.

The concept of the new apartment is that it can function as one big apartment - with two bedrooms (one big for kids), one big living room, optimized kitchen with dining, enough in-built closets, auxiliary kitchen and two bathrooms (one with a bath-tub for kids and other with a shower) - or as two smaller independent units, therefore making flexible combinations for living and renting.

Project and execution (2016 - 2017)

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