[Competition] Slavija square, Belgrade

Slavija square is one of the most complex roundabouts in Belgrade. It is an important traffic knot where arrive seven streets and different kinds of transports with consequent stations and infrastructure (pedestrians, cars, buses, trams, trolleys...). At the same time, in the middle of the roundabout is a statue of an important social movement leader from the beginning of XX century, Dimitrije Tucović, which is practically inaccessible. The main interest of the competition was to separate pedestrian from vehicle flows, give a better approach to the statue and create a fountain.

Our proposal had a functional approach, using necessary infrastructural elements as a structure and as underground access points. The idea was to create a free-movement covered intersection zone for pedestrians at the underground level, with an access to the statue. The whole intervention was meant to be in white concrete prefabricated elements, creating a neutral background for the statue as an accent.

Seven pillars stand for seven streets merging into a square and serve as a structure which supports the shell-cover by tensioned steel cables. These cables serve at the same time as a support for electric cables necessary for tram and trolley-bus connections. Stations are designed to be underground access points at the same time.

The inverted shell-cover drainage system was meant to create a water curtain in its perimeter, so one could associate, during the rainy days, as if being dry and safe inside the fountain.

Competition project (2013)

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