[Rehab] Periques bridge, Berguedà

This bridge is one of the highlights of the heritage in the Catalan region called Berguedà. The purpose of this rehabilitation was twofold: to preserve the bridge as a heritage item and to return the bridge to its original function of the passageway for neighbors who used it to cross the river and access the Periques church.

The project started with an in-depth study of the bridge using the Systemic Objective Method (Characterization, Evaluation, and Valuation). This permitted to focus the intervention in the most objective way complying with the requirements and objective established by "Restoration Charters".

The conclusion was that the intervention was meant to recover the original document, the medieval bridge in its essence. This involved the recovery of the original level of the pavement, which involved the recovery of gabled elevation since that was the best way for water evacuation.

Proposal project (2012)

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