[Rehab] Sant Manel pavilion at Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona

This project consists in rehabilitation and restoration of the Sant Manel pavilion at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. The new use of this pavilion was to accommodate the headquarters of the United Nations University.

The objective of this intervention was to obtain, using the Objective Systemic Method, the necessary criteria for definition of a proposal how to preserve the monument and integrate, in the most efficient way, the required program.

The distribution of the program is done respecting the pack-areas by levels and are disposed in the floor plan in terms of the relation with the access point. It follows the distribution with central corridor, emulating the way it was used originally as a hospital.

The project incorporates some mezzanines, platforms that emerge from the east part. This platforms alternate full and empty to tense the space. The idea is to work with the inner space -the void- as if it is an element that surrounds and protect the modernist object.

Proposal project (2011)

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