Retail store for MyTrendyPhone, Hillerød

MyTrendyPhone is a growing online company that sells and repairs mobile and IT accessories and devices worldwide. The need for physical stores came for two reasons. First, they serve as pick-up points for certain shippings, and second, it means a market expansion.

Understanding the aims of the company, our approach was to synthesize the principal values of MyTrendyPhone and strengthen the image of the brand by concept design for the stores, which is applicable to any space worldwide. Three values that we wanted to transmit are:

1 - That MyTrendyPhone is, first of all, an online brand - Therefore a very neutral, yet functional, background of the store with vertical elements that determinedly penetrate the space and put an accent on IT devices they support, where all the information that clients need or company wants to communicate can be found. The message to send is that "everything that does not fit here, you can find it and buy online".

2 - That MyTrendyPhone is very neatly organized, functional, and confident - Every element in the store has the organizational purpose of the space, as well as of the organization of accessories. Indenting white elements classify the brands. White horizontal surfaces determine the imaginary horizontal division between the upper part (where small accessories are exposed) and the lower part (reserved for bigger accessories), while the metallic hanging shelves in the middle generate a special exposition zone. Every vertical module in the background discretely determines the distance between hangers, while giving the continuity and unity to the store.

3 - That MyTrendyPhone is strong and fast-growing - We believe it is difficult to grow fast and maintain strong, without respecting a set of well-thought principles from the beginning. What we tried to do is exactly a creation of a set of principles, which would be adaptable to any space, maintaining the same language and strengthening the image of the brand.

All elements were produced in Serbia and transported to Hillerød, reducing notably overall costs of the store.

Project & Technical supervision (2015-16)

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