Shelving system by TQA

Elegant modular system. Metal supports and shelves. Practical, flexible and customizable. Easy to mount. Manufactured locally, on demand, zero waste, minimalistic, but with strong structural expression. Make it grow according to your needs.
1. CHOOSE:   Take a minute to define your ideal combination. 
1.1 - From our pre-defined modules below.
1.2 - From our      if you prefer to choose each element by yourself.  
1.3 - Check our      to get an idea of transportation expenses.
2. ORDER:   Send us by email a description or product codes you want to buy, and we will send you an offer with payment instructions within 24h.
3. PAY:   We accept payments via PayPal or Bank transfers.
3.1 - GET A DISCOUNT: If you are an architect or a designer, you will obtain a -20% discount on all items.
4. WAIT FOR A DELIVERY:   Once the payment is confirmed, it takes 7-15 days for manufacturing + the shipping period.
tqa shelving system flexible shelves disposition sequence photos

Our pre-defined modules:

MODULE 60_50_24 x 1-5
MODULE 60_100_24 x 1-5
-10% until 31.03.2019.
-15% until 31.03.2019.
-20% until 31.03.2019.
MODULE 60_125_24 x 1-5
-10% until 31.03.2019.
-15% until 31.03.2019.
-20% until 31.03.2019.
MODULE 60_150_24 x 1-5
MODULE 90_50_24 x 1-5
MODULE 90_100_24 x 1-5
MODULE 90_125_24 x 1-5
MODULE 90_150_24 x 1-5



Application in projects:


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