Youth center, Barcelona

The activity program for this project is located in Raval, a very dense neighborhood in Barcelona. A total of 3.000 m2 of classrooms, dance spaces, and administrative offices.

Analyzing the main transverse and longitudinal routes in the neighborhood helps to define the limits of the building site and geometry. The aim is to reinforce the flows respecting the environment.

As a building for the youth of the neighborhood, prone to social exclusion, the rationale driving the project is that it can be lived both, outside and inside. This would get more proximity to the end users and get their attention.

As a neighborhood with lack of open space, we posed the challenge of solving all problems with a single gesture. Situating the dance spaces in the basement level, it generates a public square, a playground and stands area oriented to the main facade, which serves as the outdoor cinema screen. The dance spaces, have two entries, one for the actors and other for the visitors, the latter located under the playground.

Project (2009)

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